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Kauai - Island Yoga & hiking

Full Day Yoga Immersions + Retreats + Workshops + Guided Hikes


Garden in the Sky-

Elevated Yoga + Hiking Immersions, retreats,

and workshops

on Kauai.

the island trinity:

  1. West side immersions, retreats, guided hikes, and workshops.

  2. north shore immersions, retreats, guided hikes, and workshops.

  3. east side immersions, retreats, guided hikes, and workshops.

Join us.

Journey to our true nature.

Join Mary Susan Stults, local 500+ E-RYT yoga, meditation, SUP, and SUP Yoga teacher and adventure guide for a day of lush island exploration, inspiring, dynamic, and supportive yoga practices, guided meditation, a picnic, and adventure on the most beautiful hikes and more secret locales and areas of Kauai. Practice yoga overlooking some of Kauai’s most beautiful views and overlooks. Enjoy the option to add Stand Up Paddleboarding and Sup Yoga to your day as well.

Curated immersions, retreats, and workshops to nourish and stoke the fires of the soul.

I’ve carefully and with consideration researched and explored the best hikes, waterfalls, rivers, lookouts, gardens, and potent island exploration so that together, we can help co-create the most meaningful, memorable, powerful, transformative, and healing immersion and island experience for you.

Retreat to Self.

These immersions and retreats and island experiences are born from the heart and some of my most cherished offerings to share with you.

Example of our West Side Yoga + Hiking Island Immersion:

  • We’ll meet in the morning and enjoy a pre-yoga and hiking vibrant and nourishing local treat and refreshment before we head out on the days’ adventures.

  • From there I will drive us together to the West Side of the island to Kokee State Park, or another pre-determined locale and hike.

  • We’ll stop at the Red Dirt Waterfall for photos and to take in it’s watercolor-like beauty. It’s as if we have stepped onto Mars.

  • We’ll enjoy a supportive and dynamic yoga practice and guided mediation overlooking Waimea Canyon, and it’s expansive and rich geologic features including a waterfall, bright red dirt and dramatic rock cliff sides, and brush strokes of emerald green painted throughout.

  • We’ll also have access to enjoy our yoga practice overlooking the Kalalau Valley or at a private cabin. We have choices!

  • After our yoga practice we’ll continue on to do one of Kauai’s most beautiful hikes in Kokee (3.2 OR 6.7 miles roundtrip) to connect, explore, enjoy more unforgettable views, and soak up the natural beauty around us.

  • We will close our bliss and adventure-filled day with a guided Vipassana meditation in the Garden in the Sky overlooking Kalalau Valley and the ocean below and then head on to enjoy a picnic together.

  • After our picnic I will drive us back to our starting point in town and end the day on a connected, mindful, and joyful note feeling strong, enlivened, and nourished in our body, minds, hearts, and spirits.


  • These intimate immersions and day retreats are limited to 1-12 people maximum. This ensures that you are receiving a more intimate experience and reap the most benefit out of your yoga and meditation practices.

PRICINg (6-10 Hour Immersions)

(Discounts for group over 2)

  • 6 -8 Hour full day yoga immersion

(Yoga, Hiking, Meditation Immersions

with picnic lunch + refreshment+ transportation)


  • Solo = $329 per adventurer

  • Group of 2 = $559 ($279.50 per adventurer)

  • Group of 3 = $769 ($256.33 per adventurer)

  • Group of 4 = $989 ($247.25 per adventurer)

  • Group of 5 = $1199 ($239.80 per adventurer)

  • Group of 6 = $1349 ($224.83 per adventurer )

  • Groups of 7 or more — Please contact us for more pricing or with any questions at

  • 8-10 Hour full day Yoga immersion with SUp + SUP yoga

(Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, SUP, SUP Yoga Immersions

with picnic lunch + refreshment + Transportation)

(includes picnic + SUP board + gear rental for SUp & SUp yoga workshop)


  • solo = $479 per aDventurer

  • group of 2 = $899 ($449.50 per adventurer)

  • group of 3 = $1279 ($426.33 per adventurer)

  • group of 4 = $1689 ($422 per adventurer)

  • group of 5 - $2099 ($419.80 per adventurer)

  • group of 6 = $ 2489 = ($414.83 per adventurer)

1-2 Night kauai yoga + hiking retreats

Treat yourself to an overnight yoga and hiking experience here on Kauai. Together we’ll enjoy lush idland exploration, elevated yoga practices, guided meditations, and Kauai’s best views and nourishment.

  • Groups of 1 to 20

  • Contact us for pricing and details

  • Have us plan the retreat or co-create with us

5-10 night Kauai yoga + hiking retreats

Dive in. Enjoy an extended island 5-10 day retreat on Kauai and immerse yourself in nature, hiking, high-quality supportive and dynamic yoga practices, guided meditations, mindfulness, island nourishment, vibrant food, and conscious community.

***Add surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or sup yoga to your retreat with Mary Susan here in Kauai, Hawaii.

  • Email us for pricing, details, and booking for 5-10 day retreats at

  • Groups of 1 to 20

  • Contact us for pricing and details

  • Have us plan the retreat or co-create with us

Yoga + hiking workshops —

2-4 hour workshops

An intimate and in-depth taste of island magic on and off the mat here in Kauai on the west side, east side, and north shore

Join Mary Susan for a Yoga + Hiking workshop including a guided Vipassana or mindful meditation and healthy, local, vibrant snacks.

  • Groups of 1 to 12 yogis

  • discounts available for groups over 2 yogis

  • Pricing:

    • 2 hour guided yoga + hiking workshop = $120 per yogi

    • 4 hour guided yoga + hiking workshop = $220 per yogi


island Immersions + retreats + workshops

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testimonials + reviews

“I had an amazing time at this retreat. It was my first retreat experience, and I'm so glad I did this with Mary as the guide. She really knows her way around the location, and goes to every effort to make it a great time for everyone. I learned a lot in group activities, and also had flexibility to explore on my own.”

By Laurel Hogge for TREAT Yourself In Telluride... A Ladies Adventure Retreat - August on Aug. 21, 2018 - 5 Stars Selected*****

“This trip was WONDERFUL! Telluride is such a beautiful place and Mary orchestrated such a beautiful retreat for us! We did yoga, went on hikes, did stand up paddle boarding at a gorgeous lake in the mountains, and just had a blast. Our condos were beautiful and breakfast was made for us every morning. The Yoga Writing Workshop was fantastic, and so were the meditations. Mary has a gift and I would recommend one of these retreats to ALL women. It was a much needed getaway. I can't wait to do another!”

By Tiara Walz for TREAT Yourself In Telluride... A Ladies Adventure Retreat on Jun. 21, 2018 - 5 Stars Selected *****

“We had a wonderful retreat! Mary is extremely accommodating and chill, we liked that aspect of the trip. Overall, I was happy to have my activities planned which saved my group from the "uh, what should we do now" moments and allowed us just to morph from one activity to the next. "Yoga" in the moment :) Telluride is so beautiful and if you have the opportunity to do this trip with Mary it was well worth it! The variety of activities planned really helped us see the most of Telluride, and there was a lot of flexibility to eat and shop and explore town and the surrounding areas.:

By Renee Rainguet for TREAT Yourself In Telluride... A Ladies Adventure Retreat on Jun. 20, 2018 - 5 Stars Selected *****

“I had an awesome time.. Mary Susan was fantastic, very enthusiastic, taught me a lot about yoga,and the hiking was spectacular. The accommodations which was her family cabin was unbelievable and I loved the night we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and had s’mores. The best!!! Thank-you again Mary Susan !!!”

By Marsha Christman for Colorado Yoga + Hiking Adventure Retreat for Women on Jun. 06, 2018 - 5 Stars Selected *****

“Our adventures in Estes Park, CO were amazing. Not on the scenery was fantastic but the food, hiking, group of women were outstanding. Mary is an excellent SUP yoga instructor and I love that she is always up for an adventure. Mary always had breakfast ready in the morning and was always working with the group to best find the perfect flow of activities for the day. I loved that she allowed us to have flexibility in what we wanted to do. I look forward to future yoga retreats with Mary and old and new friends.”

By Sutira Scheef for Rocky Mountain Ladies Hiking + SUP Yoga Retreat on Aug. 08, 2018 - 5 Stars Selected *****

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